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Asian Bodywork is more than relaxation massage

I’m often asked how the massage I do is different from other styles. The work I do is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) called Physical Medicine. The intention of physical medicine is to clear blockages that are felt as pain in different parts of your body. The state of “Health” in Traditional Chinese Medicine is described as the free flow of energy (Qi) coursing through the body nourishing the entire structure; including the skeletal-muscular, the nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive and reproductive systems and the internal organs.

Blockages in Your Meridians are felt as pain

The Traditional Chinese Medical model views the body as a field of energy. Within this field, the energy moves through channels called meridians, which work a lot like irrigation systems. When the energy is flowing freely throughout the body there is health. When the energy flow is blocked, the area above the block, “pools”, jams up and grows stagnant. Stagnation over time sets up sites for disease. The area below the obstruction has constricted flow and can become deficient over time. Blockages can be caused by injury, disease, emotions, stress, or repetitive movement. The pathways can also become” silted up” with limited exercise or movement, with aging or illness. There is often pain associated with blockages. Asian massage techniques stimulate your body’s natural ability to re-establish a harmonious internal balance and flow, thus relieving pain.

 Asian (Physical Medicine) Treatment clears blockages.

Specific points can be cleared and blockages of entire meridians can be “dredged” with physical manipulation. The techniques I use are literally thousands of years old and come from my training in Asian Healing Arts that is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medical Massage (Tuina), Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage, and External Qigong are the forms I use. The intention of the work is to clear blockages in the pathways from beginning to end.

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Preventative Medicine is the most cost effective Health Care Insurance there is. 

Traditional Asian Massage is an investment in your Personal Wellness Program. My clients report that they spend less on health care when they maintain a regular Asian Bodywork regime. Regular Asian massage keeps their energetic pathways clear and promotes health and well-being. Some clients receive massage bi-weekly to maintain productivity during their busy/ active work (or play) cycle. Some come weekly during health crisis or emotional upheaval to boost their life force and balance emotions. I see others monthly for maintenance of their naturally aging bodies. Some make it a practice to come in for a “tune-up” with the change of each season. Still others come in frequently for a period of time to address and rectify something that has currently fallen out of balance. And then there are those that come in just to treat themselves and feel good.

Feel-good vs. Therapeutic Massage

Even though the intention of Therapeutic Massage (Physical Medicine) is different than relaxation massage, you do feel better and more relaxed after this type of work. I’m not merely manipulating muscles to help them relax or release tension, I’m working on the entire energetic system facilitating the free flow of Qi or life force that nourishes and energizes the body, mind and spirit.

Asian Style bodywork is traditionally done while client is comfortably clothed…but disrobed works too!

These Asian style techniques are traditionally done on a comfortably clothed client, massage oil and skin-to-skin contact is not necessary for the work to be effective; but the forms can be easily modified to accommodate non-clothed requests.