Mary Lakes headshot

I am a perpetual student who has studied alternative health for 30 years.

I’ve had a successful Asian Healing Arts practice for nearly two decades which I believe is greatly enhanced by my personal study and practice of Qi Gong.

After I graduated from massage school in 1999, I assisted my primary (Asian massage) instructor for several years then became a primary instructor at the same school myself.  I’ve studied massage abroad and teach Qigong locally.

 Yoga, midwifery, nursing, homeopathy, nutrition and Asian healing arts are some of the paths I’ve explored for maintaining physical health.

 Arm-chair philosophy, non-violent communication and travel have helped expand mind, and then for those times when mind has run amuck, I’ve found that meditation and Qi Gong helped to restore calm, and coax me back to center.

 Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Native American Spirituality and Qi Gong have offered me numerous insights into balanced ways of being.

 Whether it’s sitting with a medicine man in sweat lodge, facilitating a healing session, attending a workshop or teaching a classroom of interested students; opportunities for exchanging ideas about what harmonizes body, mind, and spirit have always excited me.




1978-1981               Three years undergraduate work in Nursing at the U of M

1979-1981              Two-year apprenticeship and study with lay midwives

1997-present        Study with various Qigong teachers and masters

1998-present        Private Massage practice Asian Healing Arts

1999                          Asian Healing Arts Program, Graduate, BSSI, Helena, MT

 2000                         Voted Best Massage Therapist in the Bitterroot Valley

2000                          Teacher Training BSSI, Helena, MT

Summer 2002       Healing work and Qigong instruction, Europe

2002-2003              Non-Violent Communication workshops and Study Groups

2002-2006              Instructor Intro to Asian Healing Arts, BSSI, Helena, MT

2002-present        Instructor local Qigong workshops

2003                         Thai Massage Intensive Training, Chaing Mai, Thailand

2003                         Tuina for Chemotherapy Side Effects

2003-2007              Instructor Thai Massage BSSI, Helena, MT